JTF Methodology

The first thing we do is uncomplicate and debunk all the nonsense.

Much of the information floating around regarding weight loss and fitness is either wrong, misleading, or completely unnecessary.

The JTF Method will teach you how to attain your fitness and wellness goals by making the most important and impactful workout and eating habits obtainable and easy to incorporate into your everyday life. We don’t do anything nonessential or extreme.

Resistance Training

The base of JTF workouts are centered around resistance training with a blend of mobility and Pilates inspired exercises. This unique balance of resistance training, bodyweight, core, and mobility flows result in building strength and promoting longevity while maintaining a fit, feminine body


Do you know that the # 1 indicator for longevity is cardiovascular fitness (CVF)? Studies show that those in the average to above average level of CVF compared to their peers, have a much greater probability of living longer than those that score in the bottom 25%. This is why a key component of the JTF method is scheduled cardiovascular zone training.

Daily Non-Movement

Scheduled exercise is critical, but daily non-exercise is just as important. There is a reason they say sitting is the new smoking. What you do AND don’t do outside of your workouts matter. Moving your body throughout the day is key for weight loss, weight management, and overall mobility. This is why the JTF method reinforces thoughtful movement throughout the day, and we make this an integral part of your overall action plan.

Whole Food Eating

The bedrock of the JTF eating method is not centered around any particular diet, but rather, on eating whole real foods that align with your values and specific needs. This allows the JTF method to accommodate any specific form of desired eating style; anything from paleo to vegetarianism can fit within our system despite JTF not adhering to any one specific diet or fad. The goal is to get you consistently eating more real food. The less you eat from a box or a package, the better your chances are at losing and maintaining weight, performing better, and decreasing your overall risk of disease, depression, and anxiety. I teach you how to eat in a balanced, realistic way even while being socially active, so you’ll never have to be on a strict diet. I’ll teach you how to drop the perfectionist mindset that has been holding you back and further understand you don’t have to give up enjoying a friend’s birthday cake or swear off carbs to lose weight and feel better. You will finally stop “starting over” tomorrow.
I’ll show you how consistency is the real key– If you eat right 80% or more of the time you will still achieve your goals and feel your best!

Keeping You Accountable

What really sets the JTF method apart from the rest is the accountability partnership option. You receive personalized guided steps and regular feedback to help you lose weight and change your eating behaviors long-term. Committing to a “game plan” and our scheduled “check-in” calls has brought my clients to near 100% success. They have all seen changes in their bodies, eating habits, and most importantly, their mindset and ability to better understand wellness on a whole new level. Having support; a true accountability partner, is one of the keys to success that you likely have been missing.


The JTF Method believes the cornerstone to change is education. If you know the “WHY,” you’ll have the drive to change and commit. When you know better, you do better. Every component of your JTF program will always be well thought out and prescribed with purpose. Every change you commit to will be well defined and proven to benefit you with facts and reason. This will fuel your want to implement changes and it will increase the probability of your long-term success rate. The JTF Method is a way of life, not just a diet or exercise program.

Is JTF For You ?

I work with busy women who want to lose fat but feel overwhelmed and stuck. They are sick of being sold the latest diet trends & gimmicks that leave them losing and regaining the same few pounds over and over (for years and years!).

I work with women that want to train in a way that enhances their life (not depletes and leaves them feeling exhausted beyond their workouts) and who want to eat in a realistic, sustainable way to meet their aesthetic and fitness goals while also improving their health and long-term quality of life.

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I created JTF with a mission to be a woman’s voice of reason in a fitness space filled with confusion and extremes.

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