Drop the Perfectionist Mindset!

Stop yo-yo dieting, shed fat, and enhance longevity with the JTF Method.
Feel good from the inside out, once and for all.

I work with busy women who want to ditch the diets and train in a way that enhances their life.

Hi, I’m Sarah! Coffee lover, busy mom of 2, and founder of Just That Fit. After 15 years of being in the fitness and wellness industry, I created JTF with a mission to be a woman’s voice of reason in a fitness space filled with confusion and extremes. I’ve been studying exercise and nutrition for more than half of my life with a focus on helping women get fit and eat better.

3 Ways To Work With Me

You may know you need to exercise and eat better but conflicting information and little support causes it to feel overwhelming, complicated, and confusing. The JTF method, created on a foundation of support, is designed to make your workouts and way of eating simple and manageable.

Semi-Custom JTF Workouts

Monthly membership to downloadable app with Workouts based on personal consultation and assessment form.
Workouts are adjusted to meet the requirements of equipment you have available and how often you can dedicate to your Workouts.

All the benefits of JTF Workouts PLUS Accountability Partnership.

All the benefits of a monthly membership PLUS chat with your coach on the weekly!

Workouts + strategy calls with your coach keep you focused and committed.

Personal Accountability Partnership

Chat and check in with your coach on the weekly.
If you have the Workouts handled but need accountability, habit tracking, and a strategic plan to attain your goals, this option is for you.

Additional Benefits Of Being Just That Fit


Studies have shown exercise positively affects your energy levels when scheduled in the right doses. If your workout is leaving you depleted, you’re not doing the correct program for you! My workouts are effective and efficient; increasing your energy to fuel your day. More often than not, less can be more.


You will instantly feel empowered and emboldened upon your first JTF workout. JTF exercises give you the perfect blend of being challenging yet attainable. As your strength and stamina builds, your confidence and inner fortitude will flourish. You can feel confident that your workout is specifically designed to build and tone the muscles you desire.


Exercise is known to be one of the best ways to achieve hormonal balance and keep you in a good mood! Every time you exercise you release feel good hormones like seretonin and dophamine which will keep you coming back for more! Exercise also helps to lower stress, tension and anxiety so you can be your best every day.
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I created JTF with a mission to be a woman’s voice of reason in a fitness space filled with confusion and extremes.

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