Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact me if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Work with me one of 3 ways.

Option 1:

A JTF workout only membership. The most affordable option with access to monthly JTF workouts.

Option 2:

Option 1 PLUS direct access to your coach through weekly or bi-weekly LIVE coaching calls. With this option, you not only get access to JTF workouts, but you will chat with your coach during LIVE coaching calls.

Option 3:

No JTF workouts, just accountability through weekly or bi-weekly LIVE coaching calls. You have the workouts handled and we handle the rest through LIVE coaching and accountability calls. With this option, we chat weekly or bi-weekly to keep you laser focused and on the right track. We break down what you need to do into bite size habits, and help you establish a new habit each week as you progress toward your ultimate fitness and wellness goals.

Once you become a member, we will invite you to download the Trainerize app which we will use to load in your daily JTF workouts, health measurements, fitness tracking, and use for communication with your coach.
Yes! In fact, it’s a great way for you to learn about exercise and fitness without making all the “beginner mistakes” because you’ll have someone knowledgeable guiding you right from the start!

Not if you don’t want to! An important goal for us is that you’re comfortable and have an exercise routine that fits your schedule, comfort level, and access to equipment.

As an additional benefit to members, we offer affordable home gym equipment bundles that will give you everything you need during your JTF workouts.

Yes! And if I can’t, I will let you know.

I highly recommend the JTF workout and coaching option #2 above if you want to lose weight and currently feel “stuck.” We are experts at determining why you are stuck and getting you on track to lose weight!

You can reach out to us through the app messenger 24/7. You will always get a reply within 24 hours!
Simply press the + button on your app home screen and select the available date and time that works for you!

It all depends on you!

Your previous workout history, the goals you are seeking, and the level of consistency you follow will all impact your results. If you commit to the JTF principals, anything is possible, but remember, a healthy lifestyle and being Just That Fit is a lifetime commitment. We will teach you to love the process!

Calls are scheduled for 20 minutes.
Yes! While we specialize in women’s fitness and wellness, we occasionally take on male weight loss clients and have had great success helping them achieve their goals.
Yes. Your membership will automatically renew every 4 weeks, saving you the hassle of renewing on your own. You can cancel at any time before your next billing cycle begins through the app.
Cancellations and reschedules require 12 hours advance notice to avoid losing the session. You can cancel and rebook through the app messenger.
I created JTF with a mission to be a woman’s voice of reason in a fitness space filled with confusion and extremes.

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